Modern Native American

silhouette of native american shaman with pikestaff

We want to enlighten the general population about what the Present day Native Americans. Exposing how they are seen in today's society via Intercultural Online.

Many times people think that the Native Americans people live in the middle of nowhere and have no knowledge of the world today! It's hard to imagine a modern Native American using a cell phone, watch, shoes and have a car or motorcycle!

Native American canoe paddling out to distant islands

Here at Intercultural Online you will find Indigenous people who like to meet new people, share their experiences and get to know other cultures, we want to clarify the general population and the world the “Modern Native Americans.”

Society's old thinking about Native Americans is still very much present even in the 21st century. In many Reservations it may still be true, but many have access to the internet, power and cell phones.

Native American woman in sun dress sitting on white convertible sports car, taking pictures

We want to enlighten our audience through our platform showing the “Modern Native American!” Stay informed about upcoming free events, virtual tour to get to know Native Americans, their cultures and way of life.

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