Modern Native American

We want to enlighten the general population about what a Native American of today. Exposing how they are seen in today's society via Intercultural Online.

Native American Knowledge

We want to help Native Americans to have a voice and be heard. We value Native American knowledge and their way of life!

Native American Visibility

We are a platform for greater understanding of history, culture, food, and customs, demonstrating that they are powerfully present even today.

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An incredible opportunity to meet people from other cultures and languages! We will be doing events frequently to provide this opportunity, via a plataforma Google Meet!

Native North American Paul and Oren share about the Native Americans in North American our first presentation in English


Native American Languages


Federally recognized tribes


Million plus Native Americans

Third Wave Outreach

Our Mission: is to work in the community with projects that bring the development, restoration, and empowerment of native peoples.

Our Vision: is to support and empower Native Americans to restore and strengthen their original communities as Creator made them..

Our Partner: Curumim Action

Mission: To reach every Native American with a Toy and Joy!

Vision: To bring a greater interaction between Native Americans and non-Native Americans.